Welcome to BPWLogistics.com

We provide one stop total package shipping solutions! We are “the” conventional and unconventional solutions provider that will always fight for your loyalty and the best price! This is truly where the Circle of Trust meets Outside the Box Thinking. Potential customers, we’ve got your back! The boss has 14 years of experience, we know all the scams, we have the full circle of experience to include warehouse, inventory, dispatch, legal compliance etc. We keep catching crooks and reporting them, we are licensed, bonded, insured and almost two years in business! We fight for you harder than anyone else. We have big name customers and keep them due to our attention to detail and low price. Try us, make yourself look good to your boss! Unusual loads? Need special permits? We’ve been there and done that and will gladly do it again. Ever think something big might need power lines disconnected? We’ve got your back there also. Let us handle all the potential pitfalls and nightmares that bite the inexperienced!

WE ARE HIRING! No medical requirements because it’s a remote position as a Broker’s Agent. We have dispatch and legal compliance in house! NO CAPS ON COMMISSION! We supply you with what you need, you never pay us to get started or to continue working. We pay you as an independent contractor. Our rule number 1 is FAMILY FIRST so you roll your phones to us when appointments come around or you have to take your child to school etc. We are hiring! Tired of your boss? Somebody buy your brokerage and your future is uncertain? Tired of Industry Standard 70/30 pay? WE PAY 70/30 if your are just starting out and 80/20 if you have an active book of business and book loads immediately upon hiring!!! (legal verbiage available upon request) We make our money on volume! TELL YOUR COWORKERS! 8 OPENINGS AVAILABLE! IN HOUSE WATERJET FOR SPECIAL PROJECTS! Don’t wait on a machine shop for special items, we can make them in house.



DOT and MC numbers available upon request