1. Customer Service unrivaled in the industry, no phone trees or automated robots!
  2. Each customer has a DEDICATED (with backup) Customer Support Representative matched to their time zone! We know how important personal relationships are!
  3. We handle the entire shipping process including in house compliance/tracking/payment using industry standard TMS systems. We factor for immediate payment to our trucks! We can also do almost every type of instant payment in case you would rather not factor.
  4. We have access to real time records of over 1.3 million carriers to make sure you don’t get stuck with problems!
  5. We make our money on volume, no high prices on each transaction so relax and let us work our magic!
  6. Streamlined paperwork process so anyone on their phone can fill out the “fillable block” paperwork on their phones (even signatures)!
  7. 24 hour Network Operations Center for real-time customer updates and spotting trends across the country before the drivers or customer notice. Big thanks to the Ryan Hall Y’all YouTube channel that helps us provide emergency re-routing for our trucks!!!
  8. We deliver anything from the smallest part to the largest heavy load. International services available! Hundreds of trucks from HotShot to oversize trucks already under contract!! Tax resale certificate for “outside the box” services. Let us handle everything and save you time!


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